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Did you know you can stop hair loss and even regrow most of your hair back using just a few inexpensive ingredients from your grocery store and from online? I did. Click here to see my amazing hair loss transformation before and after pictures.

Like many guys my age, when I was only 24 years old, I began to notice some hair loss. It didn't seem to bother me much at the time, so I did nothing about it. A bout five years later, I regretted not having paid attention to my thinning hair because by then, I was practically bald.

I tried Rogaine®. It was not the right product for me. My scalp became red, dry, flaky and itchy. I had to discontinue using it.

Then I tried Propecia®. I was hesitant to take Propecia® because I didn’t like the idea of taking pills, and I was concerned about the possible side effects. After some soul-searching, I got a prescription and took the Propecia® challenge.

After a few months, I saw some signs of hair loss rate had gone down --but I didn't see much of hair growth. It was not nearly enough to make the cost and the concern of the potential side effects associated with long-term use worthwhile. I stopped using it.

By now, I was desperate. I was losing more hair. I even considered a surgical hair transplant. But there were several important factors that held me back.

  • Hair transplants were expensive - I didn't have thousands of dollars to experiment with hair transplants.
  • Not all hair transplants turned out well - I was concerned about wasting all that money just to get implants that didn’t look good.
  • I didn’t want holes in my head - I was concerned about scalp infections, and I didn't want to see unnatural-looking holes in my head.

After deciding not to have a hair transplant, I continued searching for alternative hair growth solutions. I tried just about everything that was available at the time. To name a few, I tried hair laser therapy. I purchased books on vitamins and nutrition for healthy hair. I tried scalp blood circulation brushes and techniques. I tried several types of non-prescription hair loss treatments. Nothing seemed to work.

By then, I had had enough of wasting time and money on treatments that did not stop my hair loss. I almost gave up hope. Then I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided to experiment by making up my own recipes.

Who knew that a miracle had always been there just waiting for me to discover? After spending countless hours at the library researching on which natural ingredients could make hair grow, I decided to experiment with a few ingredients. Waited a few months, then tried a different combination of ingredients. Then I repeated the process over and over again. Finally amazing things started to happen. I stopped losing hair and started to see many fine hair strands growing back!

I discovered that hair loss remedies have been around for centuries, and they actually worked. I selected Eastern traditional and Native American ingredients that were known to be very effective in stopping hair loss and regrowing hair.

All of these ingredients were readily available at your local grocery store and from online.

This hair loss recipe is so easy to make and so simple to use. It only takes a few minutes each day to apply. And the results are amazing! Just a little over 12 months, I had almost a full head of healthy hair!


"Amazing Hair Regrowth From Using My Secret Recipe"

Day One

I could see my scalp. I was becoming bald!

About Two Months Later

During the regrowth process, it appeared like I’d lost a little more hair, but it's hard to see the new soft and fine hair in greenish tint color.

About Four Months Later

Super amazing new hair growth!

About Seven Months Later

New hair continued to grow

About 10 Months Later

My fuller and thicker hair


Just A Little Over Twelve Months

My own full head of hair!


This recipe has truly changed my life--now it can change yours. I’m making this priceless recipe available to you, so that you can see its amazing benefits.

To spread the word, I’ve compiled an e-book (in PDF format) that describes, step-by-step, how to make and use my hair regrowth recipe.


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Now you can choose to stop your hair loss and regrow it back,

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Ricardo Houston

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P.P.S. This hair loss recipe has truly changed my life - now it can change yours.



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